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The crypto market is terrified of the new COVID-19 strain

09:03 2021-11-26 UTC--5

At the auction on Friday, the first cryptocurrency shows a sharp decli... Read More

How to earn on EUR/USD changing trend?

08:58 2021-11-26 UTC--5

The euro bulls are gaining momentum. It seems that the euro has taken ... Read More

EUR/USD: dollar boosted by risk aversion, as COVID-19 clouds EU economic prospects

08:47 2021-11-26 UTC--5

On Friday, the US dollar continued its retracement, easing off its 17-... Read More

Black Friday sales reach record highs

07:00 2021-11-26 UTC--5

With the start of the busiest shopping period of the year, the Nationa... Read More

Will gold stay afloat during current bout of inflation?

02:26 2021-11-26 UTC--5

This week, gold had its worst performance since June 18, despite risin... Read More

EUR/USD: US dollar is controlled by the Fed, while the euro is struggling to stay afloat

01:50 2021-11-26 UTC--5

The US currency sharply rose during the last few days, which was not h... Read More

Euro: long downward trend and free fall. The dollar cannot offer any other option

16:34 2021-11-25 UTC--5

The dollar index showed other currencies who is the boss in the house,... Read More

Central banks around the world are seriously concerned about overvalued real estate

16:34 2021-11-25 UTC--5

The higher the inflation, the more anxious the central banks are about... Read More

European stocks are on the rise. The technology sector and French alcohol boast high profits

10:51 2021-11-25 UTC--5

The value of European stocks is rising on Thursday thanks to the growi... Read More

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