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Market updates and forecasts

Forexmart's Market Analysis section provides up-to-date information about the financial market. The overviews are intended to give you an insight into current trends, financial forecasts, global economic reports, and political news that influence the market.

Disclaimer: ForexMart does not offer investment advice and the analysis provided should not be construed as a promise of future results.

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USD/JPY: US dollar latches on Fed rate increase expectations

02:07 2023-01-31 UTC--5

The US dollar tries to take advantage of the upcoming interest rate hi... Read More

EUR/USD: the dollar is cautious as it seeks ways to rise, but the euro is stubborn

04:55 2023-01-30 UTC--5

The U.S. currency occasionally tries to rise and secure the upward mom... Read More

US stock market closes higher, Dow Jones gains 0.08%

22:05 2023-01-29 UTC--5

At the close of the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones rose 0.08%,... Read More

European markets closes the week with growth

18:45 2023-01-28 UTC--5

Major Western European indexes were trading higher on Friday after fal... Read More

The dollar is swirling in a cycle of new numbers. The Fed has the last word.

18:45 2023-01-28 UTC--5

Market sentiment is mixed, with traders trying to catch the most accur... Read More

Second straight day of gains for Asian markets as uptrend continues

09:53 2023-01-27 UTC--5

Major Asian indexes continued to rise on Friday, though the upside mov... Read More

Oil prices edge up, and Russia transfers record volumes on high seas

16:52 2023-01-26 UTC--5

Oil is steadily rising in trading on Thursday amid expectations of inc... Read More

Asian stocks move in different directions again

16:52 2023-01-26 UTC--5

Asian equities were moving in different directions on Thursday. The Ho... Read More

Winter for the dollar, summer for the euro: USD doesn't know how to get out of the pit

02:14 2023-01-26 UTC--5

The dollar is still stuck in the financial pit. The greenback fell to ... Read More

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