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Forexmart's Market Analysis section provides up-to-date information about the financial market. The overviews are intended to give you an insight into current trends, financial forecasts, global economic reports, and political news that influence the market.

Disclaimer: ForexMart does not offer investment advice and the analysis provided should not be construed as a promise of future results.

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Gold under rising pressure from USD

09:06 2022-05-18 UTC--4

Gold prices reversed downwards after yesterday's upsurge, as the Fed's... Read More

Popular crypto experts predict Bitcoin's future

07:43 2022-05-18 UTC--4

The first cryptocurrency gained 0.7% in trading on Tuesday and closed ... Read More

Euro zone consumer inflation falls for the first time in months

05:22 2022-05-18 UTC--4

According to the published data, the consumer price index in the Euroz... Read More

USD/JPY: the dollar is losing weight significantly, but not hope

03:25 2022-05-18 UTC--4

This morning the USD/JPY pair broke the 3-day upward trend and recorde... Read More

The euro turned out to be difficult: surprising the markets, it went up

01:01 2022-05-18 UTC--4

For a long time, the European currency has been showing a decline, una... Read More

US stocks closed higher, Dow Jones up 1.34%

23:19 2022-05-17 UTC--4

At the close of the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones was up 1.34... Read More

Stock Europe closes trading with strong growth

17:56 2022-05-17 UTC--4

From the very beginning of the trading session on Tuesday, key Europea... Read More

EUR/USD: Although the ECB is opening the door for a stronger rate hike, the euro is not immune from further losses

17:56 2022-05-17 UTC--4

Looking at how Europe is plunging into recession, the economy of China... Read More

Development of digital euro set to begin in 2023

09:48 2022-05-17 UTC--4

Over the past 3 years, speculation has abounded about the creation of ... Read More

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