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Forexmart's Market Analysis section provides up-to-date information about the financial market. The overviews are intended to give you an insight into current trends, financial forecasts, global economic reports, and political news that influence the market.

Disclaimer: ForexMart does not offer investment advice and the analysis provided should not be construed as a promise of future results.

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Weak EU statistics pushes European stocks to decline

14:00 2022-10-06 UTC--4

On Thursday, key European stock indices declined moderately amid the r... Read More

The dollar protects the positions won, and the euro is afraid to go to the price loophole

03:23 2022-10-06 UTC--4

By the end of this week, the US currency is striving to gain stability... Read More

USD/JPY rally: this song is good - start over

03:07 2022-10-06 UTC--4

The dollar's recent fall has made many traders doubt its potential, as... Read More

US stocks closed lower, Dow Jones down 0.14%

22:41 2022-10-05 UTC--4

At the close of the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones fell 0.14%,... Read More

EUR/USD: although the dollar king's throne is already wobbling, the market still doubts the euro's stability

17:26 2022-10-05 UTC--4

The greenback was licking its wounds on Wednesday after suffering a cr... Read More

A rematch. The dollar remains dominant

17:26 2022-10-05 UTC--4

The markets are seeing nothing less than a revenge of the dollar, whos... Read More

European stocks decline after previous sharp rise

12:25 2022-10-05 UTC--4

On Wednesday, key European stock indices declined dramatically amid th... Read More

USD/JPY crash landing. What course to take next?

03:10 2022-10-05 UTC--4

Until yesterday, the USD/JPY pair, like a steadfast tin soldier, tried... Read More

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