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Asian indicators continue to show growth

09:49 2021-10-15 UTC--4

Asian indicators continue to show growth, following the American ones.... Read More

Another crisis casts shadow over UK amid world in depression

08:17 2021-10-15 UTC--4

Supply chain disruptions and strong price pressures are preventing the... Read More

US stock market rallies, with Dow Jones surging to monthly highs

01:45 2021-10-15 UTC--4

The US stock indices reported an active increase at the close of Thurs... Read More

Bitcoin and altcoin rise as week draws to close

14:07 2021-10-14 UTC--4

On Wednesday, Bitcoin headed for a correction, but this did not last l... Read More

Asian stock indicators rise on Thursday trading

09:11 2021-10-14 UTC--4

Asian indicators on Thursday mainly show growth, following the US indi... Read More

US dollar shows signs of softening upside momentum

07:53 2021-10-14 UTC--4

The key news for the US dollar - data on inflation in the United State... Read More

Gold's price surged amid falling US dollar

03:05 2021-10-14 UTC--4

On Wednesday, gold's price surged to nearly a month high as the US cur... Read More

US shares mixed at close of trade; Dow Jones Industrial Average down 0.00%

23:25 2021-10-13 UTC--4

At the close in New York, the Dow Jones fell 0.00%, the S&P 500 cl... Read More

EUR/USD: Euro is playing a dangerous game, risking a deeper look into the rabbit hole

17:10 2021-10-13 UTC--4

This week, the market is focused on inflation and consumer spending in... Read More

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