Free VPS Hosting

VPS Specifications

  • CPU : 2-4 cores

  • RAM: 1-8 GB

  • HDD: 30 GB and above

  • OS: Windows Server 2016 or Ubuntu 18.04

  • Need more powerful? Contact Support Department!

All VPS servers are located in the Netherlands and all of them have the latest MetaTrader 4 version.
To apply for VPS, please contact Support Department via
To claim a FREE VPS hosting, clients just need to deposit at least 1,000 EUR (or equivalent in other currency) in their account. Besides, the requirement for the minimum monthly trade volume is applied which is 11 round turn lots on Windows OS and 8 round turn lots on Ubuntu OS.
Service is free for our clients
Online 24/7
High speed
Powerful server
No reboots
Unlimited usage for any purposes
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