Affiliate Link

Instant Trading EU Ltd offers one of the best affiliate programs in the global market. We provide a unique auto-generated link to all our registered partners, or they can create their own personal URL.

Affiliate Link Structure

An affiliate link contains 2 components:

  1. A link to Instant Trading EU Ltd page. It may be any page such as Instant Trading EU Ltd homepage ( or Why Choose Us page (
  2. Affiliate code attached to the link with the format‌ id=12345, where 12345 is the unique affiliate code.

Now, say for instance, you directed your potential client to the home page, the link should look like this‌ id=12345. From the home page, when the potential client registers for a trading account, he would be directed to this link‌ id=12345. Everyone who follows this link will be recorded as your referred client.

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