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The Bank of England urged not to use monetary policy to stabilize the pound

June, 21 2022
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Hugh Pill, chief economist at the British central Bank, said that the Bank of England should focus its monetary policy on the main goal of controlling inflation, rather than trying to stabilize the exchange rate or economic activity.

Pill also noted that the regulator should pay attention to what is happening in the foreign exchange market and in other central banks, but at the same time realistically assess their capabilities.

«Monetary policy is an inaccurate tool, not a panacea,» the economist stressed. 

A day earlier, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Catherine Mann, suggested that a more significant increase in interest rates in the short term could compensate for the weakening of the pound caused by inflation. 

In December, the Bank of England became the first of the key central banks to raise the cost of borrowing after the pandemic and has since raised the key rate five times, bringing it to 1.25%. Pill suggested that further policy tightening may be required in the coming months, as inflation is approaching 11%.

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