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What to pay attention to at the end of the year?

November, 17 2023
watermark Economic news

This year, November turned out to be quite successful for the US stock market after a streak of failures. Analysts advise investors to pay attention to several key points that may affect the stock market before the end of the year.

  1. The importance of the largest technology companies

Shares of the largest technology companies, such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and others, continue to be in the spotlight of investors. Despite the increased demand for these stocks and the risk of revaluation, they continue to bring significant profits. In particular, the shares of the «Magnificent Seven» (a group of 7 largest technology companies) turned out to be a priority for retail investors, especially Tesla shares. This indicates that the high-tech sector still has potential for growth.

  1. You should keep an eye on the least high-profile deals

Among the less popular stocks, investors may pay attention to airline securities. Despite the fact that consumer spending in the United States declined last month, airline stocks may become attractive due to lower oil prices in recent weeks, which will reduce airline fuel costs.

  1. Caution about high-growth stocks

It should be remembered that the market rally may be large, but temporary, and investors should not forget about the possible slowdown in the US economy and potential risks in 2024. However, there may be a short period between now and the onset of a recession when stocks can rise, and investors should be vigilant.

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