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Biden has approved a ban on the import of uranium from Russia

May, 14 2024
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US President Joe Biden has signed a law banning the import of uranium from Russia, according to a statement from the White House press service. According to the document, the new law prohibits the import of non-enriched and low-enriched uranium produced in the Russian Federation or by Russian companies.

Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Affairs Jake Sullivan noted that this ban will allow the United States to get rid of dependence on Russia in the field of peaceful nuclear energy.

The U.S. Senate approved a bill banning the import of enriched uranium from Russia on April 30. However, in special cases, when there are no alternative sources of uranium to ensure the operation of reactors in the United States or if such purchases correspond to the «national interests», the law allows purchases to continue until January 2028. 

In addition, the document imposes on the Ministry of Energy the obligation to seek and provide Congress with options for replacing uranium supplies from Russia.

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