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The main events by the morning: June 11

June, 11 2024
watermark Economic news

  • Apple hosted the WWDC 2024 conference. It presented new operating systems for all the company's devices with many innovations. The main thing turned out to be Apple Intellgience – a full-fledged AI for Apple products, with deep integration. ChatGPT has also been introduced into the new models.

  • The European Union is seeking to extend the agreement on gas transit through Ukraine through Russian pipes, but the gas will not be Russian. One of the options is to purchase gas in Azerbaijan and transport it through Russian gas pipelines passing through Ukraine. At the same time, the purchase of gas from Russia is excluded.

  • The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution proposed by the United States on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. 14 out of 15 countries voted for the resolution, while Russia abstained. The truce plan between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement includes three stages: an immediate cease-fire, the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the enclave, as well as the release and exchange of prisoners of both sides.

  • The delivery time of goods from China to Russia may increase by 2-3 weeks. Usually the delivery took from 18 to 25 days. According to Asia Import Group, in June, the situation will be complicated by a shortage of containers, heavy cargo traffic and problems with calculations. It is noted that many Russian companies have already found ways to bypass transaction blocking when paying for supplies from China.

  • China supports the convening of a real peace conference, which is recognized by both Russia and Ukraine. Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed that it is important for all parties to participate on an equal basis. The conference in Switzerland is the first step towards negotiations with Russia and is designed to formulate theses. Its members consider the participation of the Russian Federation necessary.

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