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Amendments on the documents of Instant Trading Eu Ltd

November, 30 2018

Dear Clients,

Hereby we inform you that a number of documents of Instant Trading Ltd. The amendments refer to the following documents: 
           Terms and Conditions
            Order Execution Policy
            Leverage & Margin Policy
            Cost and Charges
            Client Categorization Policy
            Client Complaint Handling Procedures
            Conflict of Interest Policy
            Investor Compensation Fund
            Privacy Policy (GDPR) 
            Risk Disclosure
            Execution Quality Summary Statement (RTS 28)
            Cookies Policy
            Key Information Document (CFD on a share, CFD on Index, CFD on an FX pair, CFD on a Commodity)
            PEP explanation (hidden)

To get acquainted with the updated documents, please, click the link.

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